Life in Community

The Way2 Community lives by a Rule of Life which informs and guides our intention to love one another as we seek to serve Christ together. In the prologue of our Rule, we read:

The Way2 community is a place of discernment, a space to listen to God in prayer, work and community life. We are seeking to know ourselves in the context of Christian ministry and community, and to become sensitive to signs of our own particular calling.

We value being in community as an expression of Christian life together, following in the footsteps of the early church and valuing the tradition of monastic communities. We seek to model Christian unity in a diversity of theological perspective and praxis, and in the solidarity of loving service in the wider community.

We recognise that community life with its many struggles, challenges, joys and disagreements, will often nevertheless prove a fruitful training ground for self-understanding, open communication, reconciliation and resilience.

From our different backgrounds, spiritualities and theological convictions, we seek to understand one another rather than correct, criticise or condemn. We are genuine in discussions and own up to our own opinions; we use discussions not simply to provoke but rather to widen our horizons.

We seek to be aware of each other’s vulnerabilities and sensitivities, to willingly and graciously limit our own self-expression and freedoms where they may cause distress to others.

We are committed to gentle communication, honesty and forgiveness in conflict situations, seeking to resolve disagreements before they become ingrained and magnified in ignorance and misunderstanding.

We acknowledge the role of the community warden in offering structured and informal means of mediation and reconciliation where necessary.

Prayer is the heartbeat of our life as Christians following God’s call in community. We follow a daily pattern of prayer together, and we value these opportunities to ground our life, vocation, work and thoughtful reflection in God’s love for us. We consider it a privilege to intercede in prayer for our local churches, communities, and the wider world.

We are grateful for the resources provided for us by others, that enable us to seek God’s calling wholeheartedly. We treat the community house with respect, and are mindful in our use of food and energy.

With these thoughts in mind, the aims of the Way2 community are:

  • To equip you for a life of service to God.
  • To help you find a personal way or rule of life, and ways to sustain a relationship with God in ministry.
  • To help you discover God’s calling in your life.
  • To enable you to discover and use the gifts God has given you.
  • To encourage deeper understanding of the Christian life.
  • To give you an opportunity to be embedded in the life of the local community.
  • To give you practical experience of parish ministry and opportunities to reflect on that ministry.
  • To give you the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of placements.

The Practicalities

Since September 2017, the community has been located in a large former vicarage near the heart of Falmouth. This new house allows up to four community members to build up a common life together in this lively seaside town.

All housing, food, travel and ministry expenses are met by the diocese, and each person also receives a small living allowance to meet their personal needs.

We choose one or two churches in the local area in which to put down roots as full members of that church community for a year. Transport links are good in Falmouth, though the surrounding area is rural and personal transport may be helpful from time to time. However we have always found ways to get where we need to be, whether by asking for lifts or by public transport.

The shape of your week is very flexible, but will look something like the following:

Monday: placement outside of the deanery (e.g. university/hospital chaplaincy, Truro cathedral, St Petroc’s Society)

Tuesday: community day (chores and time of personal reflection with Warden)

Wednesday: parish ministry day (shadowing local clergy and participating in/leading parish community events)

Thursday: community day (community prayer time, Eucharist, and social time)

Friday: rest day

Saturday: study day (theological study for local ministry training course, sermon prep, essay writing etc.)

Sunday: parish ministry day (participating in/leading worship and other activities)

We therefore encourage you to see community life with us as an opportunity for discernment, formation and as an experience of the varied forms of Christian ministry, not as a job. We are deeply grateful to the Diocese of Truro for providing the resources and space in which we can prayerfully find out who we are, discern our vocation, and above all, seek God with all our heart and mind.