Saying goodbye

I’ve always sound saying goodbye an incredibly difficult thing, and this is proving to be a week of goodbyes. I’ve said goodbye to the parish of Mabe, who took me under their wing in my first year. I’ve said goodbye to my community as we gathered together for the last time yesterday to celebrate the Eucharist and anoint one another. On Sunday I say goodbye to the parish of Mawnan, who have graciously dealt with my coming and going throughout the year, trying out new things on them (including my BAP presentation!) and learning together as I did new things. And now it’s time to say goodbye to you: the person who follows our community with interest, who supports and prays for us, who likes our silly photos on Facebook or Twitter, and who reads our blog posts from afar. Thank you for journeying with me these past two years. If you’d like to continue to journey with me as my path takes me to the north of England, you can find me at the following places:


Twitter: @NatalieAJ95

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