I believe…

It would appear that blog posts are like busses: you don’t get any for weeks, and then two turn up at once! This is a copy of my most recent blog post on my personal blog, so if you have read that one then you won’t find anything new to read here I’m afraid!

I decided that it would be good to reflect upon my day today, which has been particularly thought-provoking. You might remember from my earlier blogs that I am currently on a placement with the Coordinating Chaplain of the Multifaith Chaplaincy Team at Exeter/Falmouth Universities. This week the team are leading a campaign/exhibit to celebrate Interfaith Week, which celebrates the diverse range of faiths and beliefs on campus, as well as the ways in which people of differing beliefs can – and do – work together and alongside one another. The campaign that the Chaplaincy team are running is a simple but, I think, highly effective one: students and staff alike are asked to have their photograph taken with a Polaroid (who knew they were still around?!) and then write below it one sentence to complete the opening statement “I believe…”

Day one was a great success – there were 33 images on the board after just four hours, and it appeared that once a few images went up others were intrigued to find out more and join in themselves. The statements ranged from deep, philosophical statements about the nature of humanity through to statements of faith, to more lighthearted statements such as “I believe in guacamole/sharks/superheroes/myself”! But the greatest measure of ‘success’ (I’m reluctant to use such a loaded word) came in the form of the first person to make their ‘statement of faith’ coming back a few hours later to add more to her statement; to me it seemed to show that the question of “what is it that I believe?” had been stewing in her mind as much as it had in my own, and I hope that it had the same impact on many more. My prayer is that many of the people who took part today, those who will take part in the coming days, and those who just stop to read the statements, will go away asking themselves that same question, and that they will either come to an answer which reflects the very core of their being, or will be motivated to go in search of that answer.

The difficulty of completing this simple task took me by surprise – it took me over an hour to settle on my one-line statement of belief! Given that my housemates/fellow interns have just finished (or are in the process of finishing) writing 2500 word essays in response to the question “What is the Gospel?” – an essay which is intended to get the writer thinking about what it is that they believe and is the core message that they wish to share in their ministry – I found myself wondering how on earth I could condense the various elements of my own gospel/core belief into one simple sentence. But I found it a very rewarding challenge, and asked myself “What is one thing that I want to tell others about my faith/beliefs? What is my belief when it is stripped back without any extra padding to ‘bulk it out’, a statement of faith that says “forget all of the theological reasoning and explanations”, the statement at the very core of my being and my relationship with God and others?” There were a good handful of photos/statements from Christians stating their faith in God and Christ, none of which were the same as another, but I realised that for me there could only be one statement that summarises my gospel, my ‘good news’ that I want to share with others. I believe…



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